The specialist for Suzuki 4WD and Santana 4x4

vehicle setting

1. Protections tubulaires multiples
2. Complete kit rear discs brackes +separate brakes
3. non adjustable bucket seats, leather imitation
4. UFOLEP approved 6-points roll cage
5. Stainless steel dashboard
6. Front and rear lift shackles kit 110mm
7. Standard MF +50mm lift kit
8. Black-Star tyres : cross 215R16

9. Classic beadlocks MF 16"
10. White triangular wheel rim 6x16"
11. Crown ring and pinion gear 3.72
12. front and rear differential caps
13. ARB differential locker, 26 grooves side gear
14. reinforced axle shafts
15. Transfer case protection
16. Transfer case 6.4

Designed on a Suzuki Samurai 413 basis, here is THE Masterforest trial vehicle! We managed to rank in 2017 at the top of the Limousin Centre France regional ranking in the Super Series category!


Julien SAGE


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